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Astute RM provides a full-featured communication suite and CRM tools that are so familiar and intuitive to use that it’s simply the easiest to use CRM in Automotive!

It’s called Relationship Management because Astute RM manages more than just the customer. You manage employees, vendors and dealer partners – everything all from Astute RM!

We start by offering deep and seamless integrations with the tools you already use, like the most popular cell phone apps and Microsoft Outlook. We continue with our training wheels features, which guides new employees through their first few days in the program and puts help videos and support features at the fingertips of all users. It’s so easy your sales staff literally works from one screen. We finish it off by providing proactive recommendations on how to structure your day, and what your opportunities and threats are, which are insights that you would have to hunt around for in other programs. With the amount of personnel churn and overwhelming technology in modern dealerships, it’s time that you had a simple, self-training program that helps you make the most of your resources!

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What Sets Us Apart:

Use Anywhere on Any Device

It’s a mobile world, so you shouldn’t be tied to your dealership or to an installed program on your PC. Our hosting approach combines the security of dedicated, independently firewalled hardware with the reliability and speed of a world-class data center with multiple Tier-1 data connections. Our web-based, SaaS architecture means that you can use a browser on your preferred device, whether it’s a PC, Mac, tablet, or a phone. The layout and features change automatically to stay optimized for whatever device you’re using. Your sales staff can do their job from one screen. As a manager, you have full visibility over who is using the program, when the user was last active and their location.

We Do the Things Others Haven’t Thought Of

With modern features like an on-screen QR code that lets you skip the login process and pick up right where you left off from your phone or tablet! Further you can send a link or let the customer scan a QR code to complete their own customer profile and credit pull. Of course features you expect are included like easy dealer-tag management. With automated web scraping, we give you deep integration to your dealer web site for the most up-to-date and robust inventory records. By monitoring the inventories of nearby dealerships, we can even alert you when a car that you sold – or appraised – has been traded in at another dealership. Astute RM is designed to disrupt and lead the industry.

Customizable for Large Groups, Small Independents, and Everyone in Between

Our unique integrated selling environment lets you customize an interactive dashboard for each user type or employee, meaning that you can decide what data and features are important to you and your employees. Further, customizable permissions let your employees fill multiple job roles. Our cloud architecture keeps the data for your entire dealership group in one place for easy group-wide management, alerting, and reporting. Flexible login types let BDC users work on behalf of multiple dealerships, while floor salespeople can be restricted to a specific store.

We Embrace Your Existing Workflow – Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Our calendars, mail, and contacts are compatible with Internet standard formats. You can use Outlook or your favorite native app for iPhone or Android to respond to emails, track appointments, and more while you are on the go! Unlike our competition we embrace popular programs and formats like Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat; our deep integrations allow you to do more with the tools you already know and love.

Work Multiple Deal Scenarios Without Duplicating Data

With the most powerful desking tool in the market, you can desk multiple vehicles, deal types, and terms side-by-side. If your customer wants a loan on a used car, why not show them a lease payment on a new one on the same worksheet? Our dynamic worksheet lets you show and hide numbers in real time so that the customer sees as much – or as little – as you want them to. Rejected deals can be archived so that you can easily switch back to them if you need to. You can clone and modify an existing deal proposal to make minor changes without losing the original proposal. Once you’ve used it, you won’t know how you’ve lived without it.

About Us

Astute RM was born out of decades of CRM and programming experience but redesigned for the modern era. After spending over a decade running and growing a legacy CRM product, founder Brendan Hurley has learned what features dealership expect – and which ones never get used. At the same time, we have seen changes in the way dealerships operate, changes that can’t be accommodated with 20th century database designs and locally installed programs. The Astute RM design team, led by co-owner and Lead Developer, David Swanson, designed the application from the ground up. The mission: to better meet the needs of dealership groups, BDC-based sales departments, mobile workforces, serverless infrastructures, and sales departments with high employee churn at a price point that can weather a contracting economy.

Astute RM co-owner Brendan Hurley has been a dealership owner himself for over three decades and provides a wealth of experience and insight to the development team. Unlike our more expensive competitors, our developers test their software in real dealerships, and work hands-on with salespeople, managers, and BDC departments to incorporate feedback “from the trenches” for a product that is more streamlined and practical, with a firm understanding of what you need and how you operate your business.
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Not just CRM – Astute RM

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